Heather Dale is a full-time Canadian recording artist and touring musician, inspired by ancient legends and fantasy themes like the King Arthur stories. Based in Toronto, Heather has been a sci-fi/fantasy afficionado her w hole life, but she didn’t realize that other people loved SF/F until being introduced to the fan & filk communities within the last decade via Toronto’s Ad Astra and FilkOntario cons.
Since then she’s been a performing guest at Ad Astra, FKO, OVFF, Arisia, Concept, Contata, FilkContinental, World Fantasy Con and several house concerts with fans in the USA and England. HD-tophat-300dpi-copyright-189x300She was also a 2005 Pegasus Award double-nominee and a 2007 Aurora finalist for her live album “The Hidden Path”. While still in university, Heather joined the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA: Marian of Heatherdale) and still goes to as many events as she can every year. Her first solo concert was in 1997; she now tours full-time across North America and Europe with her partner Ben Deschamps.
Ben grew up working on a dairy farm in the Ottawa Valley, before turning his steps toward a music career in England — playing with acts ranging from bluegrass to psychedelic space rock. Ben has several academic degrees in literature and Classics, and has also been a life-long fan of science fiction, especially the books of Harlan Ellison, Bob Forward and Robert Sawyer, with a special interest in dystopias & Russian scifi. The larger Heather Dale Band also includes Canadian bassist/percussionist Jason Sonier, born in Cape Breton and now based in Ottawa. 

Heather Dale’s latest albums are “The Gabriel Hounds” and “Heather Dale: Live in Köln”.