Ad Astra 2017 Convention Committee List

Co-Chairs: Mary Ellen (Emmy) McAlonen & Marco Marrocco

Departments (Alphabetical)

Ad Astra Response Corps (AARC): Glen Hamel
Anime/Video Room: Kent Wong
Art Show
Audio Visual: Michael (Taz) Labadie, Andrew Byers
Charity Event: Todd Clark and the TSS (Toronto Steampunk Society)
Dealers Room:  Paul Roberts
Entertainment: Michael (Taz) Labadie, Andrew Byers
Gaming: Justin Mohareb
Guest Liaison: Amy De Ruyte
Hospitality: Marco Marrocco, Pasi Paltanen 
Hotel Liaison:  Anna Baginski
Info Desk: Jeff Goebel
Legal Counsel:  David Warren
Masquerade: Janet Monk, Alex Kung
Program Book: Andrew Houston
Programming: Amy De Ruyte, Julie Dobson 
Promotions & Sponsorship: Daniel Goodland, Tyler Omichinski, Lisa Toohey, Jared Shaprio, Amy De Ruyte
Registration: Karl McAlonen, Mary Ellen (Emmy) McAlonen, Chris McAlonen
Volunteers (Gophers): Doug Ward
Web Team: Glen Hamel, Jeff Goebel, Daniel Goodland, Amy De Ruyte

Ad Astra Board:
President: Amy De Ruyte 
Vice-President: Michael Green
Treasurer: Carolyn Van Heerden
Secretary: Annette Mocek
Members: David Hurst, Karl McAlonen, Shirley Meier
For general Inquiries: info -at- ad-astra -dot- org