Scott Albert is a writer, actor, producer and one of Canada’s leading narrative web series creators. His debut novel, Below The Line, was nominated for a Re-Lit Award. He has produced seven series for the web, writing six of them and performing in five. His animated comedy Jake Moxie won a Golden Sheaf for Best Animation. In 2012, he was nominated for a Writer’s Guild of Canada Award for Tights and Fights: Ashes.
Maral Agnerian has been involved in fandom costuming since 1999 and has since won numerous awards for her workmanship.  She is also a member of the Toronto Kimono Club.
Kelley Armstrong (past GOH)

Beverly Bambury is a freelance book publicist. She is the former lead publicist and marketing manager for ChiZine Publications, and has also worked selling books and doing business research and writing for a major professional services firm. She moved to the GTA from Tampa, Florida in 2010, and hasn’t yet died of winter.
James Bambury writes stories while avoiding various administrative tasks under the pretence of “inspiration”. His work has been featured at Daily Science Fiction, AE Science Fiction Review, Ray Gun Revival and other publications. He is the current co-host of the Chiaroscuro Reading Series each month at Augusta House in Kensington Market.
Stephanie Bedwell-Grime is the author of more than twenty novels and novellas and over fifty short stories. She has been nominated for the Aurora Award five times and has also been an EPIC eBook Award finalist. Stephanie’s newest release is Going Up from Samhain Publishing. Stephanie welcomes visitors to her website at
S.M. Beiko is the Managing Editor for ChiZine Publications, and she has had the opportunity to acquire and edit some remarkable books, including work by Daniel A. Rabuzzi, James Marshall, and Teresa Milbrodt. Along with Sandra Kasturi, S.M. will be editing Imaginarium 2013: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing for ChiZine Publications. S.M.’s first book, a YA fantasy novel called The Lake and the Library, will be out in Spring 2013 with ECW Press. She currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Marie Bilodeau is the author of the Destiny series and the Heirs of a Broken Land trilogy.  Her novels and short stories have been nominated for the Aurora Awards, and her novel Destiny’s Blood won the bronze SF medal in the Foreword Book Awards. She’s also a professional storyteller who has told stories across  Canada in bars, tea shops and impressive theatres. More info at
Adam Blendick has been an active member of the Toronto-Area fandom community for over a decade. Volunteering at events like the Toronto Zombie Walk and contributing to area conventions are a staple of his diet. You’ll often see him at midnight premiers of blockbuster films or grabbing an autograph from his favorite visiting author. If you see him roaming the halls, feel free to say hello.
Robert Boyczuk has published short stories in various magazines and anthologies, including On Spec, Transversions, Descant, Prairie Fire, On Spec: The First Five Years, Erotica Vampirica, Northern Frights, Wild Things Live There, Tesseracts7, Northern Suns, Queer Fear, and He also has three books out: a collection of his short work, Horror Story and Other Horror Stories, and two novels, Nexus: Ascension and The Book of Thomas, Volume I, Heaven.
Eric Briggs
Erik Buchanan is the author of Small Magics, Cold Magics and True Magics (coming 2014), all published by Dragon Moon Press. Erik spent fifteen years as an actor and fight director, choreographing fights
for more than 50 productions. He has two black belts and considers it a good day whenever he can be swinging a sword. He left the business after the birth of his child and now makes his living as a
professional writer and communicator. In addition, to his fiction Erik has written more than 300 articles for his employers, on topics ranging from consumer electronics to reasons to get the flu shot.
Tony Burgess
Timothy Carter
Chris Charabaruk is a software developer and game designer from Pickering, Ontario, and also the guy responsible for Ad Astra’s games lounge.
Eric Choi is a Toronto-based writer, editor and aerospace engineer. His work has appeared in Rocket Science, The Astronaut from Wyoming and Other Stories, Footprints, Northwest Passages, Space Inc., Tales from the Wonder Zone, Northern Suns, Tesseracts6, Arrowdreams, Science Fiction Age and Asimov’s. With Derwin Mak, he co-edited the Aurora Award winning anthology The Dragon and the Stars, the first collection of speculative fiction by authors of the Chinese diaspora. He is currently co-
editing with Ben Bova the new hard SF anthology Carbide Tipped Pens. Please visit his
website at
Aurora Award winning author Suzanne Church lives in Ontario with her two teenaged sons. She writes Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror because she enjoys them all and hates to play favorites. When cornered she becomes fiercely Canadian. Her short stories have appeared in Clarkesworld and Cicada, and in several anthologies including Danse Macabre: Close Encounters with the Reaper, and Chilling Tales: Evil Did I Dwell – Lewd I Did Live.
David Clink is a poet, poker player and punster. His poem, “Falling” was nominated for two awards: the Rhysling Award and the Aurora Award. His poem, “Copyright Notice 2525” placed second in the 2007 Asimov’s Reader’s Poll. David co-organizes with Sandra Kasturi “A Fistful of Poems”, a one-day poetry workshop, which has run 7 times.  He has three collections of poetry: Eating Fruit Out of Season (2008); Monster (2010); and, Crouching Yak, Hidden Emu, (2012).
Gillian Clinton started out as an aerospace engineer and now runs her own information research company (Clinton Research). She has been attending cons since her high school science fiction club dragged her to the first Toronto Star Trek convention and was introduced to Ad Astra by Paul Roberts back in the day. She hopes to have time to actually read all the books she has collected and maybe, she’ll get a chance to look through her telescope on a clear night.
Julie Czerneda (past GOH)
Heather Dale (musician)
Ben Deschamp (musician)
Karen Dales
Kate Daley is a special effects artist, full-time geek, and evil plant wrangler, originally from Kingston, ON. In 2003, she began to study special effects make-up and costuming under the tutelage of Academy Award winner Dick Smith.  Over the years she has designed and coordinated make-up and costumes for theatre, short films and feature films. Kate’s company Daley Kreations currently specializes in making silicone props and costume pieces.
Sara Dhooma loves all things scifi especially Battlestar: Galactica, Star Trek and Doctor Who.  She was the expert fan commentator during the three-day 2009 Battlestar: Galactica auction in California.  Sara has a passion for travel and has backpacked in over 50 different countries.  Some highlights include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, scuba diving with sharks in Borneo and wrestling an anaconda in Venezuela.  She also enjoys distance running and completed the New York City Marathon in 2011.
Chris Doyle (entertainer)
adrienne ‘adicat’ everitt is a textile artist and social media director with close ties to the convention community where she volunteers in many departments at various conventions. You may have seen her at the Toronto Zombie Walk with her dog Ladybug where she serves as the Head Wrangler. adrienne is very concerned with mental health advocacy, and ending the stigma associated with mental illness.
Phillipe Everitt
A perpetual temp who has worked for a number of evil empires, Catherine Fitzsimmons decided to forgo things like a salary and regular human interaction to start a business. She lives near Toronto, Ontario, with her husband, daughter and a black Himalayan with a tendency to slide into walls. Catherine has published two novels, Aurius, a young adult fantasy, and Halcyon, a science fiction novel. Her third book, Enduring Chaos, is scheduled for release this fall.
J.M. Frey is an actor, voice actor, and SF/F author, fanthropologist and pop culture scholar. Her debut novel “Triptych” (2011) was nominated for many awards and won the San Francisco Book Festival for Science Fiction. Other credits include short stories in “When the Hero Comes Home” (2011) and “When the Villain Comes Home” (2012), the novella “The Dark Side Of The Glass” (2012), and an essay in “Doctor Who In Time and Space” (2013).
Jane Garthson
Robert Godwin is the owner and founder of Apogee Space Books. He is also the Space Curator at the Canadian Air & Space Museum. He has written or edited over 100 books including the award winning series “The NASA Mission Reports”. Robert has appeared on dozens of radio and television programs in Canada, the USA and England as an expert on, not only music, but also space exploration. His books have been discussed on CNN, the CBC, the BBC and CBS 60 Minutes. He produced the first ever virtual reality panoramas of the Apollo lunar surface photography and the first multi-camera angle movie of the Apollo 11 moonwalk. His latest book “New Horizons” expands on that previous ground-breaking work.
Thomas Gofton is the founder of Lynnvander Productions Inc. a Southern Ontario based company responsible for the inception of several media initiatives including projects of film, literature, design and company leadership.  Lynnvander also founded SharpCuts: Genre Film Festival, a sci-fi based convention in Guelph, Series North Inc. an intellectual properties development company, including properties such as; “Mind’s Eye” the teen series and “The Gamers: Natural 1” series, and finally, The Legacy of Mana Chronicles, a series of fantasy literature.
An Actor, Screenwriter and Story Editor Michelle Goodeve (a.k.a. “The Widget”) has been seen as Ms. Avery on Degrassi Jr. High & Degrassi High and such series  as Street Legal, Ready or Not, Danger Bay, & White Fang, Vulcan, & Barnstormers. She has also written animated episodes for the three Redwall series & Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. Michelle is also an award-winning Pilot, who has Barnstormed across the continent in Antique Aircraft.
Cliff Goodman has been around fandom for a few years now and has learned just enough of various things to have an opinion. Rumor has it that he has been involved with steampunk since doing tea with Mr. Verne on a foggy morning a little while back, but Cliff claims he was never there as he was busy with Mr. Darwin that day.. He comes with a guarantee to be colourful and entertaining to a small segment of the population.
Ed Greenwood (past GOH)
If you want to avoid discussing books, especially sf&f books written by Canadians, then it would be wise to steer clear of former GoH Peter Halasz. You have been warned.
Gabrielle Harbowy is a San Francisco-based writer and award-nominated editor of fantasy and science fiction. She copyedits for several publications and is Managing Editor at Dragon Moon Press. She has worked with first-time authors and award winners, and has acquired books that have gone on to win many prestigious awards. Her short fiction appears in several anthologies. Her award-nominated anthology “When the Hero Comes Home”, and its follow-up, “When the Villain Comes Home”, are available from Dragon Moon Press.
Dave Hayman
Judith Hayman
Sally Headford
Russ Howe has a degree in history and currently practices law at the firm of Boland Howe.  He is a past president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, medieval re-enactor and a scholar at the Academy of Medieval Martial Arts (AEMMA).  He has taught genre fiction writing at Seton Hall University and assisted several significant SF authors with research and editing on their various projects.  He is involved in raising funds to help children in eastern and southern Africa.
Jennifer Jakob
Neil Jamieson-Williams is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and a Lecturer in Engineering Technology/BScN at McMaster University.  Neil is the author of Technology and Culture (Nelson, 2010) and Technological Impacts (Nelson, 2013).  He is the author of over 2,000 hours of radio drama and has also written Only Fools and Knaves (an alternate history).  Neil is best known as the editor of the 1981 punk-style antifan fanzine SWILL which he revived in 2011.
Matthew Johnson has published short stories in places like Asimov’s Science Fiction, Strange Horizons and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. He published his first novel, “Fall From Earth,” with Bundoran Press in 2009 and “Irregular Verbs,” a collection of his short fiction, will be published next year by ChiZine Press.
Sandra Kasturi is a writer, publisher and award-winning editor. She is the co-publisher of ChiZine Publications. She is also co-creator of the children’s animated series, Sinister Horde. Sandra’s work has won several prizes for writing, including the Whittaker Prize and first prize in ARC Poetry Magazine’s Contest. Her work has appeared in various magazines and anthologies. Her second poetry collection, Come Late to the Love of Birds, came out in 2012. She is fond of Manhattans without the cherry.
Guy Gavriel Kay (past GOH)
Adrienne Kress is a writer/actress from Toronto. Her children’s novel Alex and the Ironic Gentleman won the Heart of Hawick Award (UK) and was shortlisted for the Red Cedar.  Its sequelTimothy and the Dragon’s Gate was nominated for an Audie, MYRCA, and optioned for film. Her Steampunk YA, The Friday Society (Dec 2012) earned a starred review from Quill and Quire, and her romantic comedy YA, Outcast, releases this June. She’s also contributed to anthologies The Girl Who Was On Fire and Corsets & Clockwork.
Alex Kung
Derek Künsken left molecular biology to go work as a volunteer with street kids in Central America. This later landed him a gig in the Canadian foreign service and five years away from Canada.  Having finally managed to make his way home, he now lives with his son and writes in Ottawa. His fiction can be found in On Spec, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Blood and Water, sub-Terrain, Imaginarium and several times in Asimov’s.
Ken Lalonde
David Lamb writes short stories and makes short films and one day hopes to move on to bigger things.  He is also a member of DWIN (Doctor Who Information Newtork) and is a regular contributor to Enlightenment, their print fanzine (that is correct:  a physical paper and ink product!)
Dennis Lee
Timothy Liebe is the “dreaded spouse-creature” and Site Administrator for fantasy author Tamora Pierce, as well as her collaborator on Marvel Comics’ WHITE TIGER mini-series. A lifelong SF fan and independent videomaker, Tim has participated in SF literature, movies and television panels at Ad Astra, Boskone, Confluence, Darkovercon, Lunacon and WorldCon. He is currently finishing up co-writing the Tortall Companion Guide for Random House.
Lesley Livingston (past GOH)
Jonathan Llyr
Kari Maaren is a wandering university English instructor who also works occasionally as a slush reader for CZP. She has been writing a mildly magic-realism webcomic, _West of Bathurst_, since 2006 and has co-written a musical, _Cross Purposes_, for the Calgary Fringe Festival. She also writes and performs geeky ukulele music about monsters, demonic possession, and the dubious heroic methods of Batman.  Otherwise, she spends her time marking papers about Gothic horror and playing bad-tempered music on the accordion.
Derwin Mak‘s short story “Transubstantiation” won the 2006 Aurora Award for Best Short-Form Work in English, and with Eric Choi, he co-edited the anthology The Dragon and the Stars, which won the 2011 Aurora Award for Best Related Work in English. Derwin’s two novels, The Moon Under Her Feet and The Shrine of the Siren Stone, deal with the relationship between science and religion, especially Christianity, Buddhism and Shinto.
Cody Martin
Michael Matheson is a Toronto writer and freelance editor. A marketing/editorial assistant at ChiZine Publications, a submissions editor with Apex, and a book reviewer for ChiZine, Innsmouth Free Press, and The Globe and Mail, Michael is also the editor of the Friends of the Merril Collection newsmagazine, Sol Rising. His fiction is published or forthcoming in a handful of venues, and more information can be found on his website, A Dark and Terrible Beauty, at
Dawn McKechnie
Sebastien Mineau has always been a Star Wars fan. But it wasn’t until he joined the Montreal Science-Fiction and Fantasy Association that he discovered the wonderful world of Fandom.
He has since been involved in many aspects and facets of Fandom including the very successful podcast Star Wars en Direct where he interviewed Authors and Artists of the Star Wars fandom.
Nick Montgomery is a Guelphite visual effects artist and cinematographer who has worked in the business for almost 10 years. In that time he has worked on various commercial and narrative projects, such as overseeing the entire look of the award-winning, fantasy webseries Mind’s Eye produced by Synn Studios. Currently he is handling visual effects on the SNG spinoff Versus Valerie, Gamers: Hands of Fate from Zombie Orpheus Productions, as well as shooting for ReRez, a weekly video game review series. In his spare time he practices writing bios.
An Aurora Award nominee, Matt Moore writes horror and dark science fiction that would rather make you think than scream. His columns and short fiction have appeared in print, electronic and audio markets including On Spec, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, Leading Edge, Cast Macabre, Torn Realities, Night Terrors and the Tesseracts anthologies. His novelette Silverman’s Game was published by Damnation Books in 2010. He is also the Communications Director for ChiZine Publications. Find more at
Glenn Norman has been a Pilot from the age of 18. After working in film and TV for many years, when his partner, Michelle Goodeve, began acting on TV, Glenn transitioned to Screenwriting, Story Editing and, then, Producing. Glenn has written for numerous TV series over the years, and is just completing his first book. The dream he shares with Michelle, is to combine their passion for flight with their TV expertise with a series of Documentaries expounding the incredible freedom of Personal Flying.
Attending local conventions and costuming since 2000, Erica Pai now prefers to focus her energies on staff duties, such as directing masquerades or organizing programing. She still likes to dabble in the fine art of being a panelist, but prefers to play a more supportive role.
Fiona Patton is the author of seven Fantasy Novels for DAW Books and over 30 short stories. She is currently working on a new book entitled The King’s Eagle. Fiona lives in the country with her partner, Tanya Huff, two sweet dogs and a horde of cats.
Leah Petersen is the author of Fighting Gravity, a science fiction novel released at Ad Astra 2012, and Cascade Effect, launching at Ad Astra 2013. Her short fiction has appeared in anthologies published by Dragon Moon Press. She prides herself on being able to hold a book with her feet so she can knit while reading. She’s still working on knitting while writing.
Ursula Pflug is author of the novel Green Music and the story collection After the Fires. Her new collection, Harvesting the Moon, is due out in summer 2013 from PS. A novel, The Alphabet Stones, is forthcoming from Blue Denim in December  2013. Pflug is editing They Have To Take You In, a Hidden Brook Press anthology. She edits flash fiction for The Link, co-organizes the Cat Sass Reading Series and teaches at Loyalist College.
Linda Poitevin is the author of the Grigori Legacy, a dark urban fantasy series from Ace/Roc Books featuring a Toronto homicide detective thrown into the war between Heaven and Hell. Linda lives near Ottawa and in her other life is wife, mother, friend, gardener, coffee snob, freelance writer, and zookeeper of too many pets. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found wandering various woodland trails with her oversized dog, Charlie (affectionately and accurately nicknamed Charlie-horse).
Sgt. Pat Poitevin is a 30-year veteran of the RCMP and a subject-matter expert in prevention and asset-building. Through work and raising three nerdy daughters of his own, he has gained substantial experience in cyber bullying and bully-proofing. He also acts as beta reader and police expert for his wife, dark urban fantasy author Linda Poitevin, who is happy to blame him for any procedural errors in her cop-based novels.
Andrew Pyper is the author of six internationally bestselling novels including, most recently, The Demonologist. His previous novels include Lost Girls and The Killing Circle.  Three of his books are currently in development for feature film.  He lives in Toronto.
Who is K.W Ramsey? Some call him the conqueror of the mighty dune-worm. Some call him slayer of dragons. Some call him the greatest swordsman of our time. These people are all nuts. K.W. is your average aspiring author who practices kendo and suffers through a tech support day job. You can find him on Twitter at @KWRamsey or check out his blog, Left Hand of Dorkness (
Ashley Regimbal-Kung is a Toronto based costumer, working in the field for 11 years.
Despite its contrary spelling, Mike pronounces his last name as “rhymer”. His first name remains Mike. Beyond that he is a man of mystery, even to himself. That he writes at all is most baffling. Only and average student, he can barely spell, grammar makes his head hurt, and science is far from his best subject. He is a taco puzzle wrapped in a tortilla shell enigma. Mike Rimar lives in Whitby, Ontario with his two daughters.
Paul Roberts is a long-time denizen of Ad Astra and can generally be considered to be a high-functioning nerd. A spacecraft systems engineer by day and a model builder, history writer and editor and hard SF fan by night, you can usually find Paul hanging around the Con suite, room parties or the con’s science panels. As the good book says, he’s “mostly harmless”.
Jody Rodier has participated at many cons and been a gopher, a weapons’ checker, a panellist, an MC, and the co-DJ of the dance. He is a regular in masquerades in the Master Division and has participated in panels on costuming and presentations. In his secret identity, as a full time Teacher, he has taught a wide range of subjects, including drama and dance. He is a member of a Lion & Dragon Dance demonstration team and has performed in many venues.
Brett Alexander Savory is the Bram Stoker Award-winning Editor-in-Chief of ChiZine: Treatments of Light and Shade in Words, Co-publisher of the World Fantasy Award-nominated ChiZine Publications, has had over 50 short stories published, and has written two novels. He is now at work on his third novel, Lake of Spaces, Wood of Nothing. He occasionally writes reviews for The National Post and The Globe and Mail. He lives in Toronto with his wife, writer/editor/publisher Sandra Kasturi.
Robert J. Sawyer (past GOH)
Howard Scrimgeour
Adam Shaftoe is a Niagara based critic, blogger, and podcaster.  He holds a Master of Arts degree in history from the University of Western Ontario. Adam’s writing has appeared in On-Spec Magazine and regularly at as a film and video game critic. On his blog, Adam offers a variety of reviews, editorials, and podcasts on a variety of genre media, all of which can be found at
Brenda Shaw has been an amateur astronomer and a volunteer with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada since age 17. She is the upcoming editor of the RASC’s “Beginner’s Observing Guide”.
For the past seven years, Rebecca Simkin has been Secretary to the Sunburst Award organizing committee, helping to bring attention to Canada’s weath of literary talent in the domain of the fantastic. When not looking after her family, Rebecca loves to work on writing novels and is a fundraising consultant by profession.
Gord Skerratt won his pilot’s License at the age of 25 and prefers antique aircraft. But he also likes to go fast and so is an Air Transport Rated Pilot with extensive experience flying commercial aircraft. Another of Gord’s passions is Amateur Astronomy and he is a former President of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s Toronto Centre. Gord co-created Ad Astra’s popular “Stargazing in the Parking Lot”. He thinks this is the 20th Anniversary of the popular Ad Astra event.
Melissa Small’s hobbies include Ball Jointed Doll collecting , sewing for the dolls and making armour pieces either chain mail or leather. When she  is not sewing she is on a horse. She rescues ex-race horses and gives them second chase as riding horses. When she not riding she is playing WOW (world of warcraft) or hang out with her kids playing games (Wii or  RPGA) . She has been a panelist for years at different conventions   and one day when she has time would really like to finish her book. Its on her bucket list.
Adam Smith, former graphic artist, goldsmith, watchmaker, IT corporate-slave and renfest booth owner, currently splits his wage-earning time between vending his handcrafted leatherwares at various conventions and festivals, and building costume and prop pieces for feature films and television.  As his Steampunk alter-ego “Phineas Phlensing, Esq.”, he is a gentleman of questionable and shady background, a dinosaur big-game hunter, and a tinkerer and inventor of various weaponry and gadgets, harnessing electrical aether, gunpowder and raw metal in equal measures. Do not be fooled by his easy and likeable demeanor: he WILL trick you into purchasing his tavern beverages for him.
Daryl Smith is a scifi nut.  He believes that he is currently living in a parallel universe, and his father is Walter Bishop.  He also wants to be known as the first official hybrid of scifi and sports love.  There is no greater challenge to Daryl than mastering his PVR to tape four scifi shows at the same time and watching them simultaneously.  Gaius Frakkin Baltar is his hero, and not only for his harem of women.  OK, only for his harem of women.
Doug Smith is a Toronto writer who has sold a kajillion stories in ever so many countries and languages in our galaxy. He has won awards and stuff, including the Aurora more than once. He has three short story collections, CHIMERASCOPE, IMPOSSIBILIA, and LA DANSE DES ESPRITS. His first novel, THE WOLF AT THE END OF THE WORLD, will be released in 2013. He is holding out for the TARDIS to make an appearance. He likes Buffy-a lot.
Martin Springett (musician)
David Stephenson
Karina Sumner-Smith
Amanda Sun is the author of “The Paper Gods”, a Teen Paranormal series. “Ink”, the first book in the series, was named an Indigo Top Teen Pick for 2013. She has had short fiction published in “Tesseracts Fifteen”, “Playthings of the Gods”, and “Room Magazine”. Sun has been cosplaying for 4 years and has won masquerade, workmanship, and hall costume awards at various conventions. An archaeologist by training, she will write your name in Egyptian hieroglyphs if you ask.
Joel A. Sutherland is the author of Be a Writing Superstar (Scholastic Canada) and Frozen Blood, nominated for the Bram Stoker Award. His short fiction has appeared in many venues including Blood Lite II & III and Cemetery Dance Magazine. He is a librarian with a Master’s of Library and Information Studies from Aberystwyth University in Wales and appeared on the first season of Wipeout Canada as ‘The Barbarian Librarian’. His website is
Dena Bain Taylor is a lifelong reader/writer/teacher of science fiction and fantasy. She taught sf/f courses at the University of Toronto for many years and has an eclectic publication record that includes scholarly books/articles and sf/f short fiction. Her most recent manuscript is a historical fantasy novel about Beowulf.
Hayden Trenholm won the Canadian Science Fiction Aurora Award in 2008 for “Like Water in the Desert”. He won a second Aurora in 2011 for, “The Burden of Fire”. His first SF novel, “Defining Diana”, (2008) and sequel, Steel Whispers, (2009) were nominated for Aurora Awards. “Stealing Home”, published in 2010 received Aurora and Sunburst Award nominations.  He recently edited a collection of short stories called Blood and Water and became the new owner of Bundoran Press Publishing House.
Max Turner is the author of Night Runner, a coming of age urban fantasy that was shortlisted for the Sunburst Award and was an honour book in the OLA Red Maple Awards. The sequel, End of Days, was shortlisted for an Ottawa Literary Prize. He is currently working on the last book in the series – The New Order. When not writing, he teaches phys.ed. and tech at Gloucester High School in Ottawa.
Sabrina Vocaturo
Peggi Warner-Lalonde
Chris Warrilow
Stereotypical author and artist, Sarah WaterRaven gets obsessed with projects, is totally disorganized, and spends most of her time in pajamas. Sarah is a horseback rider, cyclist, and hiker, and her writing and artwork reflects her experiences in the real world, but always with elements of fantasy, born from her love of mythology and fairy tales. If you see her, she’s most likely lost or running late. Any help to get to her panel would be most appreciated.
Gregory A. Wilson teaches creative writing and fiction at St. John’s University, New York City. His first epic fantasy novel, THE THIRD SIGN was published in 2009. A member of Codex, the Writers’ Symposium, he is currently submitting his second and third novels.  His has published short stories and SFWA articles. He is also the co-host of the podcast Speculate! He sings and plays with the progressive rock band The Road and lives with his family in Riverdale, NY.
Pippa Wysong is an awarding winning medical, science and children’s writer.
She writes for major newspapers and magazines in both Canada and the
Amy Yu has had an interest in crafts from an early age, possibly because it’s a good excuse to collect shiny things or maybe it’s due to her utter inability to draw.  Most likely, both.  This has developed over time into a small business, first to pay off Freezies at the corner store and eventually lead to traveling across the continent to participate in all kinds of art shows. Occasionally, she still uses her earnings to buy herself Freezies on hot summer days.
Rio Youers
Russel Zeid
Monica Zelak